Sisley - Phyto-svelt Global 200ml

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Phyto-Svelt Global is an intensive contouring skin care product providing comprehensive action on curves and stubborn cellulite. A unique combination of plant-based active ingredients for targeted effectiveness and visible results: cellulite deposits are smoothed and the skin is firmer. The hips, thighs, and stomach are visibly contoured, the body looks as if it has been resculpted, and the silhouette is more svelte. Phyto-Svelt Global is a fine, fresh, and silky emulsion that is quickly absorbed, allowing you to get dress soon after application. As soon as it is applied, it creates a sense of freshness and well-being, leaving legs feeling lighter. The body appears as if it has been resculpted, the silhouette is svelter.
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Como AplicarApply the product twice a day on problem areas and massage in until it has been completely absorbed.\\n\\nApplication suggestions: \\n\\n1. On the thi
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Tipo de TratamentoHidratantes
Pack Size200ml
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