Lait Solaire Hydratant Spf50

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Lait Solaire, inspired by our legendary Lait Corporel, makes sun protection a truly luxurious ritual for both men and women. Wrapped in the softness of this body milk formula, skin is protected from the sun thanks to a photostable broad-spectrum filter absorbing UVA/UVB. Its multi-filtering system also combines Vitamin E to neutralise free radicals and block their production. Inseparable from any Biotherm product, Life Plankton completes the formula to soothe the skin and stimulate its natural defences. The irresistible softness of this deliciously citrus-scented melt-in body milk is such a pleasure for the skin, youll never want to be without it. Sun protection becomes a truly delicious pleasure … Know which is the best SPF for you - a must to enjoy the sun safely! Choose your sun protection factor. SPF15 for regularly exposed, resistant skin types or for infrequently exposed, sensitive skin types
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